Thursday, January 10, 2008

Roses Dying in a Vase 6" x 6" oil

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Connie Kleinjans said...

Hi Dori. Oh, nice glow and reflections! Nice framing, with the wall on the left! I'm enjoying your rose series. They remind me of Manet's final paintings. He was ill and couldn't do large works, so he did 17 wonderful little florals. I have the book (Last Flowers of Manet), and there's also a video showing many of them ( If you were to post a series of photos showing how you painted a rose, I wouldn't mind at all.

Dewberry Fine Art said...

Hi Connie,
I love Manet's flowers and would like to get that book. Love the youtube film and Cat Stevens. So perfect for that. I will think about photographing my process next time I paint roses. You will see how many time I wipe off and start again.
Thinking about going to a Carol Marine workshop in the fall. You went??? If so would love to know what you thought.