Sunday, March 9, 2008

A Day in the Park 8" x 10" oil

Saturday ended up being a very nice day in the park. I have been to this park more times than I can count. I remember even trying to paint these rocks and bridge before in pastel with less luck. I was happy to do it again and felt I had a pretty successful day. I felt very challenged in trying to paint the sky in and around the leaf clusters.
I go out and paint with Tom Brown and other painters. Tom always pushes the color and creates these beautiful colored landscapes. I always want to stick to what I see, however gray it may be. I am trying to find the middle ground. I know that there are many beautiful colors in our hazy California landscape. So I am happy with this. I feel true to myself and I see color too.
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Anonymous said...

I see beautiful greens in the water with sky blue reflection. Plenty of color!