Friday, March 28, 2008

Through My Kitchen Window 6" x 6" oil

Just about to put my Easter decorations away and thought I would paint the scene from my kitchen table. I like things in 3s because I have 3 boys. Anyway, little ceramic bunnies are cute and very difficult to paint to look like, at the very least a bunny and even more a ceramic finish. So here is my attempt. I started this in the morning while the lights in the kitchen were out. During that time my husband was preparing to leave for work and turned the lights on and stood for a spell in front of the window I was attempting to paint. That was ok cause we had sometime together before he was off to work. I never really got back to what I saw originally that inspired me to paint this little thing...maybe the bunnies and just thinking about my boys XOXO.
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Anonymous said...

The bunnies came out super cute, despite Bob's interruption.