Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lovely Patty 12" x 9" oil

Yesterday was a model day. Patty was so wonderful and she really does have that pleasant grin while modeling. I like the feeling, although there are areas I could have taken to more of a finish; ie. the left hand that is hidden in the chair. I really don't like going back into a painting that I did from life. The models gone home and I am just making things up at that point. I would rather take the info from that painting and start another one. Now that is different if the plan is to start a painting from life and finish it in studio. At that point I would have taken some photos and made a few sketches along with notes discribing the general color and feeling...and mix up a little paint and lay in color notes on my sketch for reference while finishing the painting.
So ...it was a great day, life is good.
This painting won the Staff Award at the Orange County Fair July 08.
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Anonymous said...

So pretty! I love the costume. You made it look like a period piece. Reminds me of the Sargent portrait of the brunette with the lavender sash. You're doing great with figures!