Saturday, April 5, 2008

Northern View 8" x 11" Pastel

Day #3 _ With just about an hour left of this fabulous workshop I decided to do one more study of values. The scene was very high contrasts with not a lot of information. I felt lost and tire at this point. I did get the value structure down, but did not have the time to bring it to finish. Another start in my portfolio. I am just amazed to have 3 starts in one day and lunch and time to chat with other artists. Everyone had wonderful work and shared their ideas. The big thing on these workshops is checking out all the easels and equipment. There is always something I have never seen and think I really must have. All and all it was a fabulously exhausting 3 days and I ready to go again.
Had the chance to visit Debra Huse's Gallery on Balboa Island on my way home. Kim Lordier has about 15 works of art hanging for the month. I was blown away at her work. There are no words to describe the light and beauty of her every stroke. It is so amazing that it is just, chucks of dry color...soft pastel, that come together to record a scene through the vision of an Artist.
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Anonymous said...

Wow, this is how you paint when you feel lost and tired? Amazing!

I had trouble choosing which painting to put a comment under. I found every one to be so compelling. Sounds like it was a fantastic workshop!