Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Quiet Place 18" x 12" Pastel

One of my favorite places to sit in my house. Love looking out the window to the backyard. I am enjoying doing these interior studies around my home. This was mid morning. The light comes in from two windows and by the afternoon everything changes and shadows are much stronger. I will have to try this in the afternoon too.
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Bassman said...

Wow, I'd sure love to go to your quiet place some day. It look so serene and peaceful.

Bobby D

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful painting. Looks like you got the perspective on that occasional table just right. The light on the flowers and pot is so very nice.

VanDerHoekArt said...

Dori, your pastels are so amazing! I think you do all the things we were talking on the phone about in them, using unexpected color in the perfect places, having a focal point and having an overall plan. Or at least they look that way to me.

From the LaRock workshop, I like to two Laguna paintings the best. They look finished to me. It's nice to see the progress over several days during the workshop. It looks like he had a direction for the class, now you just have to process everything you've learned.