Monday, May 26, 2008

Nickels and Serrano oil 8" x 6"

Went out yesterday in the neighborhood to paint with my painting buddy Kim. It was so cold for a May day and the sky was very gray. There was not a shadow in site and the values were very close. The clouds are very unusual for this time of year. It actually felt like fall. Anyway...I just wanted to paint and try to find a painting in the common everyday stuff. I wanted to keep it simple, which I realize is difficult for me. I also have a fascination for telephone poles, clouds and streets. So here it is, wires and all.
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silvina said...

Cool subject to paint. I like the phone poles and wires. Whenever I pass one of those yellow signs I get a desire to paint one.
I just got back from painting outside... I'm going on blind faith that my ability is somehow going to improve over time. Tell me it will Dori.

whimsicalpam said...

I saw your link on Kim's blog - beautiful paintings!