Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Canyon View 8" x 10" oil

This was a very hot day a few Saturdays ago. Painted under a tree and it wasn't so bad. I was having trouble with this painting and thought I would not post this ...and then decided it was important that I do. Good, bad or whatever it is where I am on this creative journey. The day and just being out in nature was worth the trip. That is the blessing of plein air painting. The hope, of course, is that a painting will emerge from all that there is to see and that it will tell me something about how I see and how far I have come. The truth is sometimes I side step and even step back.
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Anonymous said...

I'm really glad you did post it! This is one of my favorite oil PAs you've posted. Wonderful transition of colors with the three layers of mountains. I like the whole thing!

VanDerHoekArt said...

I really like how you worked out the mountains. It gives this one a nice depth. The photo of this painting has too many reflections in it though, it would look even better without them.