Sunday, July 13, 2008

3101 Lake Ave. 12"x 9" pastel

Took a ride down to Newport Beach to paint the canal behind my sister's house.  Well, I looked at the water and all the boats docked and went into visual overwhelm.  So I turned around and there was a red car.  So as you can see the red car won out.  While I was painting I had a few visitors.  One of which knew about this old yellow house and the 100+ year old woman that owned the house and just died 2 weeks ago.  It is a house with much needed work and will probably be rebuilt in the next few years by new owners.  So I feel pretty good about this house that called out to me.  I am sure its days are numbered.  I love these old California  simple box houses.  
I also wanted to share that 3 of my oil paintings are on display at the Orange County Fair.  I also will have 3 pastel in an all pastel exhibit in September at the Santa Ana College Gallery in the Santora Building in Santa Ana.  Both of these exhibits were juried and I am very happy my work was accepted. 


Deborah said...

A great cozy painting....very nice! Call me, I'd love to go sketching with you sometime. Your work is always so inspirational.

artista said...

I just love the red car againt the yellow house. Did the old lady own that hot red car? I wonder.