Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rod"s Corner Market 9" x 12" pastel

Down in the Plaza of Orange today.  Working on value, atmosphere and perspective, oh ya and cars too.  And  I am still working on this one, but I love to upload my work to see it from another perspective.  I see a number of things to fix, but I am pretty happy for the most part.  I was out with my painting pal Kim who was working in oil.  I am hoping to get back to that soon or just figure out a balance so I can work on both in plein air.  
I love working from life.  There is so much more to seeing when I am out there.  The smells, sounds, people, the ever changing light and oh the car I was just working on that drove away, is all part of the experience.

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silvina said...

It's so funny that the car you were painting drove away! This is exceptionally good. Great perspective. The sky has such depth. Your pastel work blows me away.