Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hazy Day at 37th and Balboa 11x14 oil

The weather seems to be changing as we get into the fall months.  It was very overcast with a bright glow in the late afternoon in Newport Beach.  It got down right cold by 6 o'clock.  
Architecture is always a challenge.  There is a lot to see and perspective to take into a count.  Just the prep drawing and value studies take a long time to work out.  The main thing is learning to simplify what is there so not to distract from or compete with, let say all the cars.  The cars were my challenge.  To suggest cars lined up on the street without overstating is hard.  The mood was also important.  It was a cold quiet day with the sun light fighting to come through the misty haze.

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Deborah said...

My, you are a busy girl! I think the cars are great. Well done.