Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tree in Santiago Creek 9x12 oil (sold)

I have had a few nice days outside painting.  There is this wonderful creek not far from my home which was shown to me on a walk with my friend Judy.  I did a pastel sometime back of a tree not far from this one.  In that one I worked from a photo.  Today I got to go back and work in plein air.  It is wonderful to be outside with just the sounds of critters (which can freak me out).  I am fortunate to have Kim VanDerHoek along to paint too.  We can kinda watch out for each other, which I so appreciate...thanks Kim.  


trailbee said...

This is great. And as long as the noises don't turn into snakes or skunks, you're ok. It's fun to go with someone. Last Sat. was my very first plein air outing in over 50 years! Fun, but so much to learn.

Marian Fortunati said...

This is gorgeous!
I love the warm colors... It so looks like late summer in SoCal!!