Monday, December 15, 2008

Jana 16x12 oil

This was a model day.  I have been asked why I paint the human form from life...especially if they don't wear clothes.  It is hard to explain just how wonderful the human body is to paint.   Maybe it is the challenge of capturing such an amazing 3D form on a 2D surface.  I am always challenged with creating something that looks like the real thing.  The human body is the ultimate challenge to bring to life something so amazingly complex and constantly changing.  I could paint the same person over and over again and get a different aspect and essense of them every time for an unbelievable amount of reasons.  You really get past the nude thing...really.  It is the form, value, color, line, cool, warm, dark, shadow, light, gesture and so many other things that captivates my mind and exhausts my thinking at the end of a model day.  It is being in the moment and it is a wonderful place to be!

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VanDerHoekArt said...

Well said and well done!