Thursday, December 11, 2008

Unfinished Wes #2 16x12 oil on linen

Wes #2 Value View
Wes #2 color-  
Worked on this again on Tuesday with Jason Dowd and I really like the refinement that is starting to happen.  I took a little more active role in painting and making these changes, although Jason helped me see what needed to be defined.  I can see that there is a problem, but can't see exactly what needs to be moved or changed.  I probably would have made some unneccessary changes if I had been left to do it alone.  That of course would have created more problems.  I think that is why I will quit working on a painting for a while.  It is like any job we start without the full knowledge we need to complete it.  That is why we call out the professional.  I so appreciated the eye of Jason to set me on a more productive track to seeing the end of this painting.
Wes #1 to compare the changes in the developement. 


VanDerHoekArt said...

This turned out so well Dori! I'm glad you shot it before it was finished too so that I could see the comparison. Very, very well done!

Kate said...

This looks just like him. So cool!