Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bob 6x6 oil

This was done from an old photo of Bob.  It is so funny because he totally hates the photo and the painting.  I say it was his angry period and he just looks unhappy with life.  Thank goodness life changes.  He now has long hair and is about 10 years older and wiser.  
This was from a bad photo, but I loved the way his eyes look like he is out of touch.  I wanted to try to paint him.  Next time I will take a new photo.  I like doing these small paintings because I am not overly invested.  Also teaches me about picking bad photos and that the person being painted may not like it the way I do.  I will do lots more and hopefully do him justice eventually.  I need to find photos that don't have a flash, because it is hard to see value and color and the fun of painting for me is light and shadow, so this photo was not a good example, but it got me thinking.


Ana Tirolese said...

True, I don't know him, but I think this is a very nice portrait.

artista said...

Very expressive... I love it.