Saturday, February 28, 2009

Out for A Walk, Value Study 8x6 oil

I went back out to Irvine Regional Friday with Kim VanderHoek and Dana Cooper.  We found this nice little area sort of off the main area to paint.  I had decided to to work in values.  I had the chance to do 2 studies.  This was the first one.  It was a beautiful day with sun coming in and out of clouds.  We did get a nice period of sun which cast some very good shadows.  I thought it was difficult to find the gray I needed to show a brilliant green and other colors as well.  I love color and I kept wanting to grab for tubes of color and just give up on the study for study sake.  In the end I am glad I did this and hope it will help me in future paintings.  Values are something I need to work at much more.  They are at the top of the list.         

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