Saturday, March 7, 2009

Back In The Bay 8x10 oil

Okay so my head feels clear.  Got a few things done around the house.  Realized there is no way I can stop painting for long.  I am just gonna have to balance all our house projects (which includes painting, but not the kind I like) with oil painting.  So hopefully for my sanity I can do both.
This was painted today out at the Newport Back Bay where life is just gorgeous.  The air was cool enough for jackets and the sun was strong enough for a Hat and sunglasses.  Photographers, bird watchers, bike riders, walkers, joggers and kayakers were all out taking advantage of the first absolutely wonderful day in a while.  I just could not miss it.
I actually enjoyed painting this and have come to realize and except that I am in transition.  It feels good to say and except that reality.  It is not fun to fight with something I love so much.


Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

Yeah, Dori...glad to see you back! Beautiful shows just how glorious it was today...well done!!

Karen said...

Maybe the acceptance brought you some relief, because this painting shows no doubts or hesitancy whatsoever. It's looks so confident. The brushwork, the distance you created, the rhythm of the trees moving down the hill, those strokes on the hill itself, all of it. Transition is good in painting. Sometimes I think it's just the nature of it.

(this image makes me so nostalgic, husband's grandmother used to live right around the corner from here and I have really fond memories of this place. It's so wonderful, isn't it?)

Connie Kleinjans said...

You go, girl!

Maybe we're similar in that we both respond to weather. Today was also beautiful in NoCal, and I felt great. Or not. I don't know.

Be honest. Be real.

Sheila said...

I'm glad you and Painting kissed and made up! When you two are in tune with each other, beautiful images come to fruition.