Monday, April 27, 2009

Model Study 6x6 oil

Today was the last figure painting group at Judy Schroeder's Gallery in Old Town Orange.  It has been fun having a larger group and getting to try new eating experiences for lunch.  I have enjoyed my time at her gallery and am ever so thankful for the opportunity.  
Painting with other painters as opposed to solo in a studio is a much different experience.  I enjoy both actually.  Love the chance to see how others work and the conversation that ensues.  Artists as a whole are some of the most generous people I know.  Well at least this wonderful group of artist.  I would say they are kind from the heart, loving, generous and ever so grateful for the opportunity to do what they love.  So thanks to all of you!
Solo is good too.  It is deep meditation for me.  Hours can pass, without ever knowing, until the sun goes down.  It is very peaceful.  I totally enjoy this level of peace and thought and living in the moment.  Those times are cherished in this crazy busy world and again I am grateful for the chance to explore them with my paint brush in hand.
This was the first of two small paintings done today.    


Sheila said...

You were able to do two paintings today? I'm envious.

LSaeta said...

Lovely painting my dear. And I am jealous that you had so much fun! I sat in my studio all by myself and agree that some friends would have made for a better day!

Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

Really lovely painting, lovely blog!

Connie Kleinjans said...

Dori, I really enjoy that you're willing to talk about your process. You're able to be kind of transparent sometimes, and share both when you're down and up. It's helpful for me, since I do my own versions of those things. Thanks. Oh, and interesting perspective -- torso -- on the model.

Edward Burton said...

Really nice painting, Dori.

Karen said...

I agree with you, that painting with others can be so ideas, the sharing, just the looking over someone's shoulder can be so helpful!
This body has real WEIGHT to it! I can almost feel the way she's sitting as I look at this image.