Thursday, July 23, 2009

Old Town 6x4 oil SOLD

Old Town Orange can be a visual overwhelm. Lots to see and edit. Cars and people are always moving. So it can be a hard one to get down on canvas. And at the same time it is a really cool historical place I am oh so grateful to have just 10 minutes from home. Also. if I am just not having a good day I can go to Starbucks for a brake and regroup if neccessary.
Today was fun because I spent time with my good painting bud Kim Vanderhoek. Her life has been busy, which she can tell you about on her blog. It was nice to paint and just get caught up.
This scene is at the northwest corner of the plaza. It caught my eye because of the green umbrellas and the light building next to the building in shadow. The light did change and I asked myself many times what was the thing that caught my eye. Don't think I captured it, but I am okay with what I got.


Marian Fortunati said...

Love it Dori!!
I think city scenes are especially difficult. You did really well.

Karen said...

You should be okay with what you got, more than okay. I especially love that light on the back of the sparkles.
I agree with Marian, cityscapes are so difficult!

Sheila said...

I'm envious you got to paint with Kim! You two must be a hoot together. Do more city scapes Dori!

Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

I know exactly where you were standing...well done!

artista said...

I really like the format of this painting, any other way would not have been as interesting.