Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lemme Tell You 8x6 oil

This Basketball lays dormant "About the House" against the wall in the shadows most of the time these days, but if it could talk it would have stories to tell.  Like I said yesterday shooting hoops is a fun thing to do around our house.  Most family parties there are kids of all ages trying their hand at hitting the hoop.  Even I have shot a few on occasion.  It has been a good activity.  
Lots of talk goes on here and our portable bond fire gets pull over and lit up for some late night conversation.
This same area hears the sounds of live music that melodically fills the garage and pours out onto the driveway and into our house and our neighbors windows.  Lucky for us we have had wonderful neighbors with there own history of drum playing.  THANK YOU THANK YOU!
I realize this is an odd subject, but it caught my eye and it fits the series.  It got a little muddy in the shadows and without the lines on the ball it could be an orange...hummmmm.  What can I say. 
Bob named this one and the spelling is his!!!!


Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

What you call mud, I think looks interesting (at least on my monitor) with nice brush work. The cool green and the warmth of the ball play off each other nicely.

Edward Burton said...

This is wonderful, Dori - great play of light and shadow.

r garriott said...

A very cool composition... and I like how the basketball could almost be a pumpkin awaiting harvest...challenges preconceptions and makes look twice!

Anita Stoll said...

Very beautiful work. Your shadows are exquisite.