Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Vermeer

I'm taking this fabulous life drawing class this semester down at Saddleback College with Cynthis Grilli. This is my mid term project. We were to copy a Vermeer from a color copy to a value drawing using vine charcoal. It was an exercise in value along with understanding spacial relationships. We drew it as if we were drawing from life by taping the copy to a wall and copying it. We could not graph it or project it. Great project for learning how to get all your line relationship to fit in a space of the same ratio. It is like a puzzle at first and then it just falls into place. I still need to put in some detail lines and darken a few areas, but I am very close to being done. Hurrah!!!


Sheila said... big is this piece? 18x24 or bigger? What an exercise! Are you the teacher's pet yet?

Dewberry Fine Art said...

Ah I forgot to put the size...18"x16". No I'm not teachers pet. Everyone works hard and there is a real nice energy in the class. I can't wait to see what everyone has done.

Michelle said...

A very fine job! Sounds like a great class.

Marian Fortunati said...

That is a GREAT project!!!
When I took classes we had to do paintings "after" the masters (and I did a 'Milkmaid'" version) but we were allowed to grid it!!

Your lesson was far more valuable I think.... The more I paint the more I realize how import it is to draw well!!

Great job!!

Edward Burton said...

Great job, Dori!