Monday, November 16, 2009

Self Portrait Number Two 22x16 charcoal

Well here is another in my self portrait series. Blew my hair out straight for a change. I should call this Dori Dew Two. Every time I draw one of these I know there is something off. I like to exaggerate my chin and fleshy jaw that does that loop da loop. It is a very good exercise in looking. I think the fact that I do these and find things that are not right is good. Makes me want to look harder and feel the form. I touch my face all the time when I'm trying to draw or paint myself. I just want to understand what is happening.


Edward Burton said...

Wonderful self portrait, Dori - well done!

LSaeta said...

This is wonderful Dori. So nicely done and I love how you get the "feel" of your face while painting. I might have to try portraits soon.

Marian Fortunati said...

I find self portraits difficult... Plus... they always end up so somber looking because you can't smile at yourself while painting.

GREAT job, Dori!!