Monday, March 22, 2010

And Again 8x8 oil

Here is the second still life from the same set up as the last post. Changed a few things, pretty much the same. I scraped this one and adjusted the composition. Don't know why I struggled so much with a painting I had already painted. My hope was to improve the first one or experiment. Hummmmm
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Angela Elledge said...

I love both and have enjoyed looking at the subtle differences in each. Your color palette is very rich and inviting, kind of has an old world feeling, but with a fresh twist.

Gwen Bell said...

I'm with BOTH! The basic composition is so strong that you can't go wrong. Love the looseness in the first, particularly in the lower left. This one has a more refined look. The flowers are awesome in both. So interesting to compare the two...not to each other in a critical way, but in style differences that each have in their own beauty.