Monday, March 15, 2010

Back Bay Morning Unfinished 9x12 oil

There is a fine line between chaos and order. The visual appearance of abstract painting can feel like chaos. This painting was done on the last day of the Randall Sexton workshop. We went out on location to a wonderful little spot off the back bay. I was overwhelmed in green, my nemesis. I need an anchor to hold onto in a painting. Oh and did I say I don't particularly care for palm trees. I call them lollipops because mine usually remind me of just that and suggests I take a candy break.
I decided to work on changing up the greens and approach it abstractly, so not to think green or lollipops. As much as I like being out, my eyes get tired and I must work fast. So I looked for shapes and color changes. I think my values got lost except for the light shapes of sandy ground. In evaluating this I see a number of things I don't like and like. First the don't likes are the 2 vertical palm trees dividing the upper portion. My horizon line sits almost center dividing the painting in half. The curve line enters the picture from a corner with strong contrast of value. Now I do like the strength of the paint application and the brushwork. There are many things that I could do with this, so I will continue to study and hopefully finish it or not.
There was a time I did not complete anything. I simply loved the paint and the movement. It was like a bad movie, watching the development as it moved thought a scene and then lost itself in the minutia. Many paintings came and went from order to chaos. Not exactly the direction I was hoping for, but lots of fun.

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Karen said...

Really interesting to read about the workshop and see your paintings! I really like the abstract quality to this one...and the city scene! You're so right that the editing is tough.
I was laughing as I read your description of this piece, because just today I was painting a whole lot of green, with a path curving in from the corner, and with two vertical trees similar to yours...ha!

Marie Theron said...

These under paintings can be so pleasant and sometimes one would hesitate to add finishing touches to a piece! I also love Late Morning Stroll!