Wednesday, October 27, 2010


20x16, oil on raymar canvas, sold
Today I was reading a chapter in my Singer Sargent coffee table book about posing children for a painting.  I was amazed that he actually had children sit for him.  I can not imagine how difficult it was for them to stay still and maintain the gesture and character of the pose.  As a child I would have found that I would not have much to gain by being a good model.  Sargent must have had a wonderful sensitivity to the children he painted to get such beautifully expressive results.
I can only hope to capture those moments with my nifty little camera, which is always ready to go.  I sometimes find that I am so focused on the moment to catch that the moment at hand gets by me.  Meaning I am not always paying attention to the obvious, at least that's what I have been told.  
I was fortunate to attend a wedding last weekend that was just a very, very happy affair for more than the obvious reasons of love and happiness.  Life has it's trials and faith is sometimes wavering.  In this case faith and hope prevailed and joined two lovely people.  It was an event where everyone was completely happy for this couple who are older and wiser and know what is truly good in is life.  Don't sweat the small stuff and live,  love and be thankful.  Sometimes hard to remember, but a goal each day nonetheless.
The sweet little girl was the flower girl.  After doing her part to make all of us laugh and smile she took to playing in the courtyard with her sister and twin brothers.  They played as I would think the children of Sargent's day did...with imagination.


Susan E. Roden said...

Very nice Dori! Particularly like the whites and shadows of the dress - really captured the volume!

Edward Burton said...

I love this painting, Dori - you really captured a wonderful moment.

Dana Cooper said...

This is lovely Dori, the color in her skirt are beautiful!

Paintings by Irit Bourla said...

What a beautiful piece!!!

Marian Fortunati said...

What a charming captured moment. Beautifully done, Dori!

Virginia Floyd said...

I love that she has taken off her shoes!