Saturday, November 27, 2010


6x6, oil, sold
Love that green spot!  There are so many paintings that I have painted that I say, "I like that spot."  Over the years the spots have grown into bigger areas, but there is still those areas within my paintings that I can say, "that inch is just perfect."  It might just be the color or the brushwork or just those little surprises that come to life on the surface of a painting.  I love the process and love the bits that work because I know so well that even though it is a surprise, it is no accident.  So much is learned from painting to painting.  Especially painting almost daily I see changes in my perception and in my technical abilities that only comes with dedication and persistence.  Every once and a while I get blocked and question myself.  I have found painting is the best answer to blocks in the creative flow.  And those little spots I love from painting to painting keep me excited, reminding me to let go and just paint.



Dana Cooper said...

This painting has more than a few 'bits' that make it work. Wonderful mood to this too Dori, well done!

Anonymous said...

Well written my dear. These mangos look just fabulous with the light and your color choices..yummy!

Virginia Floyd said...

Really beautiful painting, Dori. The lighting is really great, love your edges, the shadows, everything!

Enjoyed reading your post, too. I often have the same feeling of liking just one part of a painting.

Kathy Cousart said...

Love the mango mangos- they look like they are doing the tango tango! Really enjoyed your post- I agree that each painting has that little "moment" I call it. Where just that one thing is just so sweet...I think your work has lots of moments. Very talented.

Edward Burton said...

Love the mangos. Congratulations on the sales!