Friday, February 11, 2011


on a 6x6 panel, oil,  4, 3x3 exercise

Well, I stepped up for the challenge.  Carol Marine along with Daily Paintworks has set up a weekly challenge to exercise our brains.  I played with this concept and could not get under 12 minutes, until today.  These are my first 4 in 10 and was exhausting.  The next 4 will be later.  After doing this challenge I really reflected on the mental planning of a painting and not fiddling around.  I am a fiddler.  I like to circle the drain for a while before I pull the plug.  This exercise does not allow this play time I so enjoy.  
The challenge is to paint each of these in 10 minutes with a timer to keep me honest.  It is so easy to over state a concept.  To paint over and over and not sit with what was committed to when I first put my brush to the canvas.  Fear and trust are basics in life and cross over every part of my life.  So I say be fearless and have faith to forge ahead.  Take what you learned and carry on.


Connie Kleinjans said...

Hi Dori. I saw this on the Daily Paintworks site and thought I'd visit. I love your message. Courage! Be the Tin Woodsman!

Anonymous said...

Them are some powerful words there true. I have to confess...I wasn't up to this challenge....perhaps the very reason that you struggled a bit with it. I admire you for pushing through.....and so very well done too.

claire christinel said...

I love the circling the drain before pulling the plug! It's great to train the eye, but we need some of the joy of circling too. :-) I haven't tried this challenge yet, but plan to soon.