Friday, February 18, 2011


6x6, pastel

I set this little still life up with the idea of playing with odd composition.  I pushed things center and to the left to see if I could handle the open space to the right.  After struggling for a while with my medium, which  is pastel on this one, I finally gave in and went and got a pair of pearl earrings.   Putting them on the bottom right seemed to work.  Besides all that these little pearls are special.  I wore them on my wedding day oh so long ago.  They don't get out of the jewelry box much anymore, as my taste and age has given me privilege to where funky metals and larger earrings.  I knew that I wanted them in this little painting which gave me a reason, not that I needed one, to take them out and hold them.  I am always amazed at my response to touch and how it floods the senses :)


Anonymous said...

love will you ever decide to do oil or pastel? sweet about the earrings. i know what you mean.

Susan E. Roden said...

Fun playing with other mediums, huh Dori?
The pearls are precious - rendering and sentiments.

Diane Hoeptner (hep-ner) said...

I love the textures and layering effect here, especially the shimmering layers on and around that apple!!