Saturday, April 30, 2011

Limited Color

8x8, oil

Still working with a limited palette of vermilion, yellow ochre, blue black and titanium white.  I found it very frustrating this time.  Dealing with a photo is another issue for me.  I need to really get contrast and shadow in photos.  Well the whole thing is about color derived from a limited palette, but I really want to produce better work.  I'm just not sure what direction I am going in right now.  These times always produce growth if I am patient.


Anonymous said...

You my friend....may be a bit too hard on your self...this piece is so full...and yet so so subtle. It is very Very well done. The sweetness of the child exudes through.

Karen Bruson said...


Catherine Jeffrey said...

I am doing some experimentaion as well, using the Zorn Palette and various other ones. I am on a search to find out which colors work best for my work. It seems that established artists find a palette they like and then use it all the time for everything they paint. So, a process of discovery is good! These Zorn portraits are great!