Friday, May 27, 2011

Santa Barbara Coast

18x16, pastel

The California coast is just forever beautiful.  I grew up with the crowds of the Southern California beaches.  The summers are over run with visitors taking advantage of the warm sand and recreation.  Moving up the coast is a much different feeling.  There are so many beautiful beach spots.  It takes some hiking down, but it is worth it.  From the edge of the cliffs to the sand and the surf it is quiet and beautiful.  I love the peacefulness of it.  
I am presently in Big Sur and wow!, what a beautiful place.  Hoping to get some art work out of this picturesque place.  The hardest thing is where to start and how to edit such beauty.  So that will be coming soon.


Anonymous said...

Dori...absolutely fantastic!!!!!!

Dana Cooper said...

Wow Dori, this is exceptional! Happy painting and safe travels!!