Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I always like to start the new year with old things and new information.  Here I used a limited palette of Yellow Ochre, Alizarin, Ivory Black and Titanium White.  For me this allows me to start up portraiture again without being totally overwhelmed.  Every time I do this I am amazed at just how much can be expressed with only 4 tubes of paint.  I think I will keep this as a practice throughout the year.


Anonymous said...

Well what a way to challenge yourself....and bring in the new year!! I know what I would love in the new year, is to paint with my buddy more. Oh and loving your other path...always rendered delightfully.

mary maxam said...

How inspiring! This doesn't look limited in amy way,shape or form. Love the form created here.

Karen Werner said...

Very nice. I love that limited palette too, only I use cad red medium instead of alizarin. Love your telephone too.