Sunday, January 8, 2012


She, 6x8, pastel
I started this series a few months ago and got to #2 and stopped.  It is a new direction for me.  In the past few weeks I have had a few conversations with artists that has made me want to push in a new direction or just play for a while until I find out where I am going.  Why I start and stop is my own discomfort and maybe a lack of faith in my journey.  I like this little figurative and the fun I had while doing it.  So I put the map down and I think I will cruise along and see where I go.

One of the artists that I enjoyed talking with is Katherine van Schoonhoven.  She lives in the Oregon area and is down in California as part of a very extensive road trip.  We met at a Kitty Wallace workshop in Portland over a year ago and it was so nice to see her again.  Always inspiring to talk art and with Katherine, she also talks music.  Such a treat!  Visit her blog, Art and Music, follow her creative journey. 
She presented me with a blog award.

Part of receiving the award is to recognize a few blogs I enjoy.


Dana Cooper said...

Love the color you put into the skin tones Dori, I will look forward to more of this series.
Thank you for the shout out, you are dear!

hmuxo said...

Gorgeous painting!