Saturday, February 18, 2012

Late In The Day

Working small on this 4 x 6 inch Uart board in pastel is challenging. I think, sometimes, that it is silly to work so small. Then after I get started I realize that it is exactly what I needed. I often approach my easel with an overwhelming feeling. Fear, excitementI or the weight of the day I suppose . Carrying all of life with me to be expressed here on this 2 dimensional surface. I want to say something quiet, but expressive. I am not a producer of daily art. Those artists amaze me as they return every day to a blank canvas and have something to say so beautifully and relatable. If my heart is heavy and my emotions are at the forefront, it is necessary to take these steps with small works. It is like holding my breath. So a small piece gives me confidence. They often move quickly from one to the next and to the next. In a short time there is the feeling of accomplishment. Paint or pastel to a surface is the way I move through life. It is how I express myself no matter the size. Not always a perfect expression, but with every stroke comes enlightenment and encouragement. I love art!


Maria Hock said...

What a wonderful piece and and wonderful way to describe your journey both visually and textually.

Virginia Floyd said...

Beautiful job! The light is glowing the clouds, on the horizon, and on the street. I love how it is behind the trees on the left. Very nice!