Sunday, June 3, 2012

Back To 6" Squared

Weekend of art. Friday night lecture with Dan McCaw and his sons, John and Danny, was so thought provoking. Dan has a soulful approach to art and is so very generous to share his journey and the wonderful work of the McCaw artists. I was moved. Saturday started my two day workshop with Frank Gardner. The three paintings attached are from his workshop that I did from my photos. Saturday night John Asaro gave a slide presentation of his work with the human figure and the color of light. What an amazing body of work. Back to it on Sunday with Frank Gardner. In a side note he reminds me of Colin Firth. It was a day of values and temperatures. I welcomed some frustration in finding my way in the little landscape. I got some wonderful words of encouragement, but more, I got extremely helpful advice and direction. And in and around everything was Randy Higbee making sure we were fed and wined. I give this Fine Art Collaborative a thumbs up and look forward to the next one. A very special thanks to Matt Carrillo and Tom Balderas who worked very very hard to make this a great art happening. So many fine artists in one place, sent the energy level through the roof. It is an amazing high!


Karen Werner said...

They're all great. I think the one in the middle is my favorite. Glad you had such a great time.

carol morgan carmichael said...

What a great experience. Love the different subject matter in your three paintings. Great light and color as always in your work.

Marian Fortunati said...

Yes, you really came up with some excellent little paintings!!

It was so FABULOUS meeting you and talking with you AND SEEING you create your lovely work in person!!

I agree that the energy and ambiance created by Randy and all of the artists who worked to make this happen paid off for everyone!! GREAT WEEKEND!!!

Dewberry Fine Art said...

Thanks Marian. I hope they do this again soon.