Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dry River

Had a chance to get out and paint at Irvine Park a few weeks ago with Kim VanDerHoek and Greg LaRock. Lucky girl I thought and then I had to focus. I was all over the place in my head. There was the old feeling of being "overwhelmed". Through all of this I realized I need to do this more so I might shake this initial feeling of urgency and overwhelm. All and all I am glad I went out. Lost track of a few important things in the process, like shapes.
Didn't think I would post this, but I am feeling good and hopeful. I figure I will just get better. For me painting is a hilly road, that dips and swerves. The straight and narrow is not my path.

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Karen Werner said...

Dori, this is lovely! You did a fine job here. There is so much color variety and those neutrals in the near water are especially beautiful. I love it!