Saturday, November 17, 2012

Almost A Likeness

Over the holidays I am hoping to take photos of family to start a series. This is tricky. Emotions and just plain old loving them can stand in the way. With loved ones it is more who they are to me that makes them beautiful. Love covers imperfection, age and size. I should almost be working in abstract shape, color and emotion and forget about a likeness. So the series will hopefully get me to deal with all of that.
I posted this one a few postings ago very unfinished, stuck and was just to embarrassed to say who it was. With help from Cynthia Grilli, the zen master in my life, I was able to give it another shot. I am pleased with what I have done with this beautiful girl and can say this is one of the many ways I see Annie. All this girl is, is so very hard to express two dimensionally in oil, but it is a start.

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Rosemary said...

I see that Annie is a caring, thoughtful, intelligent sweet lady. A beautiful girl lovingly painted.