Saturday, May 11, 2013

Life's A Beach

I love the beach.  I'm not much for sunbathing though.  I like to observe the sounds, smells and movements of water, sand and people.  I also like to photograph what I observe in hopes of capturing some part of the actual experience.
This 12x9 pastel was a challenge in the format I choose.  I wanted to convey the vastness of space and the openness of the environment.  Dealing with the lower 2/3s of the composition was fun in that I had to be more abstract because there wasn't anything but space.  Space is what I like about the beach so I wanted to try to convey it.  This is one for me to try again and again.


Dana Cooper said...

You really accomplished your goals with this one, it has a wonderful sense of depth and space!

Dewberry Fine Art said...

I always appreciate your comments. Thanks Dana.