Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Learning new tricks

Saturday, PSSC offered a 3 hour workshop with Julia Patterson called, "Get Your Work Out There!  The Very Best Ways to Market Your Art Online".  It was overwhelming with information.  Lots of links that help with the process of doing art online.  She talked about lots of stuff, from images, websites, blogs, wisywig, analytics to social media and as she said "la la la", meaning a whole lot more.
I must admit this is something I fight doing and know it is the way to go.  So I started with the fun thing I learned.  Making a collage of my work on  I think I am still in preschool, merrily singing""la la la…"


Carol Hopper said...

Beautiful trick! I am participating in a thirty day challenge and will do a collages at the end. Each individual painting in your collages is wonderful. If I didn't love your work, I wouldn't be getting your blog!

Dewberry Fine Art said...

Thanks Carol. Doing a 30 day challenge is fantastic. The collage is a great idea.