Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Under Painting to Pastel

I continue to work in pastels in preparation for a demonstration and half day workshop.  We will be studying under painting and how it can support the  underlying plan of our composition.  
Here is the under painting.
Next is with pastel.
Here is the completed painting.

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Lesslie Giacobbi said...

Hi Dori,
I am loving your work so much. When I visited your home during an Open House I loved the work I saw...and then here I find you through Gina Santanello--I so enjoy your sense of color, the street in Balboa, and am always enchanted by what children do--the palm trees and "Gauguins" I have just taken my first journaling class with Judy Schroeder....I wish I had started sooner.
Thank you for sharing your work. I am thoroughly enjoying it and will start looking more frequently!