Thursday, February 7, 2008

Late Afternoon in Santiago Creek

Well it is done, although in the photo I see a problem in the sky that is not in the painting. I find the camera or the computer separates colors and or there is a wave in the surface. I am just not that keen a photographer. Anyway it is 99% finished. Would love any feed back.
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silvina said...

Gorgeous. The squiggles of contrasting colors on the ground make this piece so lively.

I'm constantly frustrated with photographing my art for the blog too.

Lipthink, Learning, Listening and Living said...

I want to go into your pastel. I too have found photographs a tool but you shouldn't compare photos to art. Photos just don't get the colors right and scanners have the same problem.
Serene, warm, adventure, languid are the words I come up with from your art.

Very nice,

Dewberry Fine Art said...

That is the fun of pastels. Lots of lines and layers of contrasting colors. Thanks for stopping by.

Dewberry Fine Art said...

Thanks for your comments. To want to go into a painting is the ultimate compliment. Photos just never get the color or overall feeling across, but it is the best at this point for the internet.