Sunday, February 10, 2008

A View Across the Highway 8" x 10" oil

Went out yesterday to paint with a group Tom Brown teaches from the local art center. It was warm out for the first time in a while. We stood across the street from this view of eucaluptus trees that ran down the middle of the street. Through the trees was a view of a field, trees, hills and mountains. The light changed rapidly from 9 to 12. I found it overwhelming and difficult to stay with the original magic of the scene.
Sometimes painting outside is too much for my senses and I still love just getting out and trying to capture the moment. Sometimes it is not about painting at all, but the chance to be out observing and being still. There is a hugh leap in taking that beauty and introxicating feeling to the canvas. It is not always gonna happen the way I remember. So I wait till next time.
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