Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Morning Moon 10x8 original oil

This day started off gloriously.  I was out at Irvine Park at 7 am and painting by 7:30 am.  It was a very windy day, but after the winds at Laguna I did not think much of it.  Got some rocks and put them in a bag to weight down my easel.  I had 2 painting by noon.
It was about 11 when I saw brown clouds drifting into this seen.  I was at that point on to the next painting.  It was not long before I smelled the smoke.  I got home about 12:30 to a wall of orangy-brown clouds over our north hills.  The smoke was coming from the fires in Yorba Linda where so many people lost their homes.  It turned out to be a very sad day.


VanDerHoekArt said...

You should have mentioned that just a few hours after painting this the smoke from the fires rolled in.

Love the moon, it adds that magic touch!

VanDerHoekArt said...

Duh, I guess I missed reading the second paragraph. It pays to scroll down. oops