Friday, March 27, 2009

Sidewalk Talk 6x8 oil

This is downtown Orange.  In the morning hours lots of folks are out for breakfast and coffee and stand about chatting.  
It was a sunny day , but the wind was kicking up my easel and just poking at me.  It is not easy to make a deliberate detail with a brush.  I gave up and stopped at the block in.  
It was good to be out in the company of Kim Vanderhoek and Dana Cooper.  My painting has just been off.  I figure I need to be out twice as much and just don't have the time.  So patience and enjoy the paint, the view, study time and the company.  Funny I uses to think painting cleared my head and now I think I need a clear head to paint...go figure.  


Sheila said...

Love this. Like lovely bits of history.

Karen said...

Right on, I feel that way also. I need a totally clear head to paint. I need to stop and take a deep breath before I start. But of course keep painting. It doesn't look off. :)

LSaeta said...

The mental part of painting still has me confused. I completely agree that a clear head leads to good painting. However, there are also those days that I am so excited and wrapped up about a painting and sure enough those work too. I do like your painting. Very nice work!

Kim VanDerhoek said...

It was a terrible day to paint, that wind was awful!

You finished this up nicely with the details like the tree shadow.

Mine got wiped.