Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Shady Spot 6x6 oil

This is a little spot on the deck in my back yard.  The planter is surrounded with birch trees, which in the Spring, Summer and Fall makes for a nice shady place.  It sits just above our spa that is seldom used and often has no plants.  I have decided to paint around my house for a while.  Kind of a way of recording the places I have known so well over the past 20 years.  I realized that very few pictures are of our home.  They tend to be of the people who live and pass through, with the surroundings as a backdrop.  
So here is the first of a series.   I like this part of my yard because we get lots of birds.  The tree limbs and leaves shimmer in the breeze and make tranquil rhythmic sounds.  It is a good thinking spot and I am sure lots of decisions have been contemplated in this very place.  I have sat and looked back at the house from here and listened to the sounds of my children's voices.  Those sounds have changed from the zoom zoom of little boys playing with cars to the electric sounds of guitars and amplified vocals of men.  All these sounds are here.  And even now when there is often more silence than noise, I still sometimes hear a zoom zoom in the breeze and I feel a tickle in my heart. 


Kim VanDerhoek said...

This is so lovely Dori! Great composition, light and your story about the boys brings tears to my eyes.

The last painting you posted of the park is great too. I love how you did the bike riders, they are stated with just enough info. so that I know exactly what they are. Beautiful!

Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

What a lovely story and painting about your quiet spot...I'm glad you are able to enjoy it all!

James Parker said...

I enjoy visiting your blog for such inviting and restful artwork. Your paintings are always so talented and comfortable. I want to invite you to drop by and visit my " just for fun" blog and have a few smiles and a few "wows"