Friday, August 7, 2009

Lemons, Tomatoes and Things 20x10 oil

Continuing with my series.  Does two constitute a series?  Just kidding.  I will go back outside today.  So this is our side yard where we have two Meyer Lemon trees that are producing like crazy.  Lots of lemonaid this summer.  Now we have a couple of tomatoe plant starting to really produce.  Our lime tree is a bit stingy, but hopeful.  I love this place!  I go out with my apron and gather up the crops.  
This is also a place that gathers the broken with hope.  A place that old tables, stepping stones,  and yard equipment that is either not used, but might be in the future or things broke that have a slim chance of coming back.  These things fall into the forgotten and unnoticed.
This is also a place that cigarette butts have been found over the years.  I think they blow in with that gentle breeze I talked about yesterday, because know one in my house knows how they got there.  
As far as the painting goes, I'm not sure I'm done.  Needs finishing I think.  This long format is hard and I feel the forground is disconnected.  All in all it was fun to do one this large in plein air.  I like paths and will try this again.
Happy Birthday Spencer : )  Twenty years....  


Marian Fortunati said...

What a great idea for a series...
Trying to do the pretty places all around the house will help you enjoy it even more.
Don't forget to do a nocturne.

r garriott said...

Meyer lemons...lucky you!!
lovely composition you ahve going here. I like the gate and the wheelbarrow very much.