Saturday, August 8, 2009

Stepping Out And About the House 10x8 oil

Onward and upward with the "About the House" series.  It sure is easy to pack up and step out my front door.  I only made 5 trips back in the house to get stuff.  Much better than driving home.  Which I have not done yet.  Ah well, you forget something and you just get along without it, but not 10 steps away.
This was a challenge with green.  Green grass, green plants, green green green.  Thank goodness there was a house to add some structure and shape.
Love these iceberg tree roses.  They line the walk up to my front door.  I decided to paint them from the side where I walk around my house from the back to the front.  We have these stepping stones that create a path to the front side walk and continues through to the other side of the house.  I like to almost jump from step to step.  It reminds me of being a kid and stepping on every line in the sidewalk. 
So it was a peaceful morning with birds chirping and neighbors out for a morning walk.
It was suggested that I do a nocturne painting...hummmmmmmm.  Thanks for the idea Marian (check here to see her blog).   


Marian Fortunati said...

Well, thanks for the mention but I only said it because I thought it would be a good idea!!
Love the steps on this path around your house!! I can just see you hopping from paving stone to paving stone!!

Anonymous said...

This is a beauty! I think you did great on varying the greens.

LSaeta said...

Love it. Love it. Love it.

rob ijbema said...

this is near perfect to my eyes
wonderful greens and tones