Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sketch 24x18 charcoal and pastel

Well, my school year has started, along with a number of home repair projects and sending kids off and moving kids in, I have had little time to paint. I am though, taking a life drawing class with Cynthia Grilli at Saddleback College which has been wonderful. I just love the trance of life drawing, getting in the zone. And I am learning more about anatomy.
This was a sketch I did with a model outside class. I wish I had not added the color. It is harsh and very unfinished. I seem to be experimenting.


Sheila said...

Great bold strokes! I also love "Let me tell you"'s painting. Unique and quite fun!

Connie Kleinjans said...

Yes! You should always experiment! It generates freshness and excitement!

Karen said...

Not having seen it without color, I can say that for me the color does not distract from the image as a whole...I wouldn't have thought twice about it. It's a great gesture you've captured here.
I too love that Lemme tell you piece...what a great composition and paint application.

Dana Cooper Fine Art said...

You are off and running Dori, this figure is fabulous!