Friday, November 13, 2009

My Brother Rick 22x16 charcoal

This is my brother Rick who was very kind to sit for me to practice portraiture. It is a nice feeling to study a face I have known for so long. I have watched the changes that map his life that he wears on his face. It was fun to study a face I thought I knew very well and find little things in the way his features are different then mine. I am the youngest of four. None of us look alike and I can say that I thought I was adopted when I was a kid. That was a fun fantasy, but I'm not, nor would I want to be. I like who we are, a family. We just are all parts of the parents we shared, but I swear we all got very different parts. Some kids share a likeness and some don't. We definitely are the later.
Drawing a face is a soulful experience for me, a real gift. In every angle, line, crease and shadow are many stories. A photo taken often hides truth and that is okay because often that is what we want. It is quick, a flash and all the work and practice to take a nice photo is over in, well , a flash. It is different when you sit for a portrait drawing or painting. A twenty minute sitting can take you away with many thoughts that take you far far away from the idea of a pretty picture.
I sat for a drawing session last week and felt everything about me settle and relax so that my mind could travel away. I was surprised to see what others drew. They saw the things I often hide. Not able to hold my chin up and jaw forward exposed time or the passing of time. My life seen through someone else's eyes. I love the process. I feel I must make a connection from my eyes, to my muscles in my hand, to the one that is sitting there so exposed.
So thanks Rick.


Edward Burton said...

An absolutely wonderful portrait, Dori.

peg said...

très beau portrait ! je suis admirative M'dame !

Kim VanDerHoek said...

Hi Dori,

I love your recent work! The portraits in charcoal are very good. You are doing an excellent job of simplifying your light and darks. And your pumpkins and pomegranates are stunning!

I'm very envious that you are both painting AND drawing. I miss painting with you so very much!

Bassman said...

Dori, your words are at least as powerful as your images. Your ability to express yourself creatively just blows my mind. Your talent is exceptional. I am in awe.