Friday, November 13, 2009

Self Portrait Number One 18x12 oil

I did this last week and wasn't going to post it for many reasons, but then I thought I needed a benchmark of my first attempt. It got a bit murky and stiff. Murky because I didn't clean my brush much in the process and carried paint back and forth between the dark side and the light side. Stiff, because I am not sure I was painting what I was truly seeing or just trying to get it down in an academic step process. Looking in the mirror at ones self is a challenge as there is a whole history to clear away to be honest with a self portrait. So many selves wrapped up in one. All true, but which one expresses best who we are for all to see. I will be working this out through an assignment I have to do in charcoal. I hope to do another in oil that better captures me. I am in there in pieces. Like a puzzle that doesn't fit together.

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Anonymous said...

I actually like this! I think you're being too hard on yourself. It looks "alive," vigorous and questioning; faintly mysterious. Good job!