Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Potted Hydrangeas 20x16 oil

Hydrangeas hummm...This started from a painting that I decided to recycle. I realized as I went along that there was not much thought put into the process. I always struggle when I just start without a clear plan, which is true of almost everything. First I was completely seduced by the light coming in my window. That would have been okay for a quick small painting not a 20 x 16, which is large for me. The light changed rapidly and I caught myself chasing the light and everything else that had to do with this. I finally put it down and walked away in defeat. The next day I was still drawn to it and hoped to watch the light till it got back to where it was the day before. No such luck, before that happened I had to leave for class and felt once again defeated. I went on and painted the pumpkin painting, with this nagging feeling about giving up on the hydrangeas. So I picked it back up and continued to play and just let go of the hope of finding the light or the thing that caught my eye in the first place.
I might have been better to hang it up. So here it is an exercise somewhat in letting go and moving on and hoping for enlightenment along the way.


Sheila said...

Oh my... if you had not gone on and been so candid and let us know your trials and tribulations with this painting, I would have never guessed. I was just envious you were able to capture so beautifully well one of my favorite flowrs!

LSaeta said...

I really like this one! So ... you are wrong and all of us are righ,. It is lovely! Besides, hydrangeas are my favorite flower!

Marian Fortunati said...

It's really great Dori... I think hydrangeas are very busy and have always kept away from trying to paint them.
My daughter loves them so maybe someday I'll be brave enough to attempt them. I think you did a fabulous job and don't really understand why you're unhappy with this ...Totally readable and it conveys and nice feeling!!

Gwen Bell said...

Wow! You hit this out of the park! Those brass containers look so metallic and the Hydrangeas are so delicately painted but not precious. Handled with a masters touch!